What do i need to do to enroll my child?

First you will call to schedule a tour of the center. At the tour, you will be shown around, learn about our center, meet your child’s teacher, receive paperwork, and can go over our policies and any questions you may have. After the tour, you will schedule an enrollment meeting. At this meeting, you will turn in the paperwork along with the registration fee. You will go over anything else needed with the administrator, and be ready for your child’s first day! Your child’s first day must be at least 24 hours after this enrollment meeting to allow paperwork to be processed and the teacher to get things ready for your child. However, after the meeting, if your child doesn’t start within 30 days, we can no longer hold that spot and the process must begin again.

Do you accept government assistance from Job and Family Services?

We do accept families who receive government assistance to help pay for tuition. Parents must apply and be approved to avoid paying private pay rates.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we several discounts such as a Military, Police, and several others. Please call our center for a full list of discounts.

Do you have a registration fee?

Yes, there is a one time $25 registration fee per family that must be paid when paperwork is turned in for enrollment.

What am I required to bring for my child?

Depending on age, parents are required to bring in diapers, wipes, bottles, and a pillow and blanket for nap. Any other items required will be discussed at your enrollment appointment.

Is there a minimum amount of time my child needs to attend each week?

Yes, to stay enrolled, your child needs to attend at least 2 half days per week.

Do I have to pay if my child doesn’t attend on a scheduled day?

You pay for the days your child is scheduled, not for the days attended. However if your schedule needs to change, we can make adjustments accordingly. Please speak to an administrator if you need to change your schedule at any point to see if you will be required to make a payment. You will not need to pay for scheduled vacations.

Is there bussing for before/after school care for my school ager?

Austintown Schools provides transportation to and from Hopes & Dreams in the morning/afternoon. Austintown Schools only allows so many spaces on the bus for children, so we always recommend that parents call Austintown Schools to see if there is room for your child to be transported to our center.

Can my child attend Hopes & Dreams when their school is closed for holidays, snow days, and school breaks?

Yes, your child is welcome to come to our center (as long as we know that you plan to use us for these types of days) during school breaks, holidays, snow days, or any day that your child’s school is closed. Unfortunately, we cannot take your child on days when they can’t go to school because of illness or suspension.

What is your policy if a child is sick?

At Hopes & Dreams, there may be instances where a child may be sent home because of illness. Depending on the type of illness, we may bring the child into the office and make him comfortable until someone is able to pick him up. A paper will be sent home with the child with instructions on when the child may return and if a doctor’s note is needed. If a doctor diagnoses a child with something that is contagious, a sign will be posted outside the classroom door (the child will remain anonymous) to let parents know any signs or symptoms they may need to watch for. A full description of our illness policy is available in our parent handbook.

What if my child needs to take medication while at your center?

If your child needs medication while at the center, please speak to an administrator in advance to ensure that the proper papers are filled out by the parent, doctor, and administrator, that all procedures are complete, and that the specific medication is able to be administered at the center.

What if my child has an allergy?

We are always very careful when a child has an allergy to make sure that the child is not exposed to something that could cause a reaction. Hopes & Dreams provides special meals for children with food allergies from our caterer. Hopes & Dreams is also a peanut/tree nut free center.

Do I need to provide meals for my child?

Hopes & Dreams uses a licensed catering company to provide all meals to children. We provide breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner to all children who are in attendance during these meal times and are able to eat the meals provided.

What kind of safety precautions do you have?

Hopes & Dreams keeps a secure building with an intercom system. Everyone entering must ring the buzzer and let the office know who they are before entry will be admitted. Video cameras are located in every classroom. We also always have someone on site trained in first aid, cpr, communicable disease, and child abuse prevention.